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Tips For Moving Your Small Computer Business

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If you own a small computer business and are planning a move to another building, below are some tips to get your equipment there safely. Packing your computers in the right way will save time when you get to the new location and start unpacking. Read the Manufacturer’s’ Guide Before you start packing, refer to the manufacturer’s guide to see if there are any special moving instructions. If you do not have this user guide, you can visit the manufacture’s website to try to find it. Read More»

Use A Storage Unit As A Practice Space For Your Band

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Finding the perfect practice space for your band can be tough. If you do not have a garage or basement to play in, where else can you really go? If you live in an apartment, your neighbors and your roommates will probably not appreciate the noise. Unless you live in a house by yourself in the woods, it can be hard to find a place to practice space where others will not be affected. Read More»