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Tips For Protecting Wood Furniture From Moisture Damage In Storage

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Moisture can be a real concern when you are storing wooden items, especially furniture and other larger pieces. If you live in a humid climate or in an area prone to flooding, you may be even more concerned about moisture damage inside your storage unit. The following tips can help you protect your items, regardless of their size.

Tip #1: Seal up smaller pieces

Small pieces that can be stored inside a sealed container can be completely protected from moisture issues. Begin by dusting and polishing the wood – even if it is just a small figurine. Wrap it carefully with cloth or packing paper and then place it inside a sealed box. The box should protect the wood from moisture in the air, as long as you make sure everything stored inside the box is completely dry.

Tip #2: Elevate everything

Moisture damage usually originates from the ground. This can be from water seeping underneath a storage unit door or from the moisture that naturally leaches up through concrete. This is why wood damage often occurs to the legs of furniture pieces that are sitting on the concrete. Instead of setting the items directly on the floor, line the floor of the storage units with pallets. Then, spread a tarp over the top of the pallets. Finally, stack the furniture or boxes of wood items on top of the covered pallets. This both elevates the items and forms a barrier against ground moisture.

Tip #3: Cover carefully

Covering items is also necessary to prevent water damage on the wood. Leaks are usually the main concern, but you will also need to make sure that air can circulate around the wood so that moisture doesn't become trapped beneath a covering. A good option is to cover items with sheets, which allow air circulation. This will also keep the dust off of the wood. You can then loosely drape a thin piece of plastic, such as a drop cloth, over the top only of the furniture. This will protect against water without trapping too much moisture.

Tip #4: Consider climate control

In extremely humid climates, a climate controlled unit that provides both a consistent temperature and humidity control may be your best option. This will protect your wood furniture from the moisture in the air. You will still need to protect the bottom of the items if you are in a ground floor unit, or from leaks if you are in a second floor unit, but you won't have to worry about the relative humidity.

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