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3 Ways To Avoid Potential Damage When Packing Your Belongings

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The two main ways to go about moving include doing it on your own or involving professional movers like Two Guys Moving. But, there is nothing wrong with balancing it by doing some on your own and still hiring movers. If you know that you are going to handle the packing process, you should make sure to pack everything carefully, since you'll likely be responsible for any damages that your things suffer. This makes it ideal to follow some basic tips on keeping your items from getting damaged.

Remove Shelves from Furniture and Appliances

An excellent step is to take out shelves from all furniture and appliances in your home. This means removing the shelves and drawers from your refrigerator and freezer. Even the metal racks inside the oven should be taken out because they can slide around while they are on the moving truck. Dresser drawers are best off removed and then used as an open box to store things like board games or bed sheets. The main rule to follow is to not allow anything to shuffle around when things are being moved.

Take Out Certain Computer Parts

Whether you are going to give the computers over to the movers or take them in your own car, you do not want to transport them by just unplugging everything and wrapping the monitors in bubble wrap. The very least that you should do is take out the CPU heatsinks and graphics cards. A graphics card is heavy and could end up breaking the motherboard slot if it were to stay in a computer for the drive. If any of your hard drives, solid state drives, or the disk drive are not secure, you should remove them as well.

Avoid Using Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are nice for at-home storage because they allow you to see what is inside. But, they are not ideal for moving because the tops are not that sturdy and can easily break in a long-distance move. While you may not have to pay the average of $9,000 to $11,600 to move everything across the country because you are doing some things on your own, you do not want poor packing to damage your possessions. It is worth spending a dollar or two on each moving box to ensure you have strong packing supplies.

Implementing these tips will minimize your chances of arriving to damaged or broken items.