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Find Out Some Pros And Cons To Doing Your Own Move

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If you are going to be moving, whether it's long distance or just within your city, you may be trying to decide whether you are going to hire a mover or do it yourself. 

Doing it Yourself

You may feel strongly about doing it yourself. Knowing some of the pros and cons to doing your own move can help you make the final decision.


One of the pros of doing the move yourself is that you are working on your own timeline. You don't have to worry about when the movers will show up or any deadline they may have while they are there. If you are doing a long distance move, that will give you plenty of time to get where you are going, meaning that you can take all the breaks you need as you are driving. 

Another pro is that the only person to blame if something gets broken is yourself. Accidents happen during moves, no matter who is handling the move, but you may feel less upset if you were the one to break it instead of someone else. 


One of the cons of doing the move yourself is that you may have to depend on friends and family members in order to get everything from your house to the truck and from the truck to the new house on the other end. You can never be exactly sure how many people will show up, even if they say they will. Another issue is that if you are moving to a new city, you may not know anyone on the other end to help you empty your truck, so it may end up being very hard to get everything into your new house. 

Another con is having to drive the truck. If you are only driving it around your town, it may not be that big a problem, but moving trucks can be difficult to handle. They are much larger than you are used to, they have big blind spots, and you are unable to see behind you. If you don't like to drive or are a nervous driver, that can be really upsetting. It can get even worse if you are driving to a new city. You may have to deal with traffic patterns that you aren't used to, which will be made even more difficult with a large truck and your car if you are hauling one. 

While you may be set on doing the move yourself, knowing some pros and cons can help you decide whether or not doing it yourself is really the best choice. For more information, contact local professionals like Bell Moving & Storage.