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Your Concerns About Paying A Company To Pack Your Possessions: Addressed

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When you're about to move across town or across the country, it's easy to become overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on your plate. Paying someone else to pack up your items can alleviate a lot of your worries – but it also brings up new ones. Here's a look at two of the common concerns customers have when hiring movers to pack their possessions, as well as some tips for addressing them.

Concern: They'll see your unmentionables.

Nobody wants to think of their moving team thumbing through their underwear or other personal items.

Solution: Pack them yourself.

A day or two before your movers are scheduled to arrive, pack up any items that you'd be embarrassed for them to see. Put them in boxes, and label those boxes with words that you understand, but that are not obvious. For example, you could write "clothing" on a box of underwear. You'll remember that it's underwear, but your movers won't suspect anything. Leave these boxes in a corner, and your movers will pack them into the truck with everything else. You can tape them shut if you're really concerned that they'll open them.

Concern: They'll break something fragile.

Anyone can drop a glass or shatter a picture frame. You don't want your items to be damaged before they even make it into the moving truck. It's not easy to trust someone else with fragile things.

Solution: Mark anything fragile, and check your insurance policy.

First, be confident that the movers you're hiring are professionals. They pack and move items day in and day out, so they probably have more experience handling fragile items than you do. Plus, if anything does break, it should be covered by the movers' insurance policy. (Make sure they do offer insurance before you sign a contract.) Then, to ensure items that mean something to you are not damaged, walk through your home and put sticky notes on anything that's surprisingly fragile. For instance, you shouldn't need a sticky note on a glass jar, because it's pretty obvious that could break. You do want a sticky note on a table that's covered in a thin layer of glass that's easy to look past.

Above all else, remember that people hire others to pack their things every day, and for the vast majority of people, it works out well. Hire a company that you can trust, and your concerns about privacy and damage should be minimal. For more information or assistance, visit websites like