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4 Things To Pack In A Storage Unit When Staging Your Home

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One thing many homeowners do when trying to sell their homes is a process called staging. Staging is something that is designed to make a home look nicer so that prospective buyers will be able to easily imagine living in the home. Staging is easier to do if you rent a storage unit, and here are four types of items you should place in the unit as you stage your home.

Extra furniture

Staging a home often starts with decluttering, and you should begin by removing extra furniture and large items from your home that you really do not need. When a home is overly crowded, it can make it look smaller than what it really is. On the other hand, if you can create more open space in your home by removing some furniture, it may give the appearance that it is larger than what it really is. Renting a storage unit makes it easy to remove as many furniture items as possible, because you can fit a lot of things into a normal-size unit.


A second thing to get rid of from your home is clutter, and this can include anything that is setting around your house that does not have a purpose. As you stage your home, go through it room by room and pack things into boxes that you do not really need. Make sure you label the boxes and then place them in your storage unit.


If you have any type of collection, now might be a good time to pack it up. A collection can either make a room look cluttered or can take up valuable storage space in a closet or room. If you have anything like this, place the items in storage boxes and put them in your storage unit.

Family photos

Finally, you should pack up all family photos and personal items as you are staging your home. When a home has family photos on display, it can be distracting to prospective buyers. On the other hand, when there are no family photos around, it may be easier for a buyer to visualize living in your house. Because of this, you should try to remove any personal items you have in any room in your home. Try to make the house look more general, rather than owned. This could help speed up the sale of your house.

Not only is staging a great way to improve the chances of selling your house, but packing things up now is also a great way to start preparing to move. If you would like to begin this process, rent a storage unit today so that you can start storing your things right away. More more info, conatact a company like Two Guys Moving.