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Four Things You Should Never Pack On The Moving Truck

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Safety concerns, local and federal regulations, quarantines, and liability issues are all reasons why your moving company may refuse to transport some of your belongings. In order to head off any unpleasantness, you can mentally catalog any belongings you have that may be against policy for any of these reasons. Then you can be sure to make alternate arrangements for any of these types of things you wish to take to your new home with you. Here are four things you should never pack on the moving truck. 

1. Ammunition 

As an explosive, ammunition is relatively unsafe to transport. Surely, even if putting it on the truck was legal, you wouldn't want to risk your mover's health and public safety by sending something so volatile on an unsupervised journey in the hot truck. 

2. Animals 

Pets are totally off-limits in moving trucks, and you can imagine why. The back of the truck is relatively uncontrolled in temperature and humidity, and it's not designed to be well ventilated either. Surely you would never imagine sending your dog or cat on the moving truck; fish, aquariums with live creatures inside, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and insects are all vulnerable to excessive heat and cold, just as dogs and cats are. 

3. Solvents 

Paint thinner, nail polish remover, and other volatile chemicals are hazardous to movers and are generally against company policy. They're not only flammable, but they can also create hazardous spills if the container is breached. 

4. Plants 

Your house plants are just as fragile as pets and disinclined to survive in the back of a moving truck; they're also potentially illegal to put there. If you are moving to another state, you'll have to check plant regulations and quarantines. Many states restrict certain varieties of plants from entering because they don't want the pests, diseases, or other unpleasant things those particular plants could carry into their borders. But even if your plants are allowed in the state you're moving to, moving companies generally have a blanket policy against them.

Once you've chosen a moving company, you can ask them for a list of anything else they might not want to transport for various reasons. Generally speaking, anything dangerous or fragile should be left behind, transported in your own car (if you're planning to drive it to your new home), or moved by a specialty moving company. Valuables such as antiques are probably best shipped using a specialty company that offers insurance as well as moving services.