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3 Tips For Moving & Storing Furniture

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Do you have a lot of furniture to move out of your house so it can be replaced? If you are not sure that getting rid of the old furniture altogether is something that you want to do, you can consider keeping it in a storage unit. Keep in mind that a storage unit can be rented for as long as you desire. Take a look at this article for a few helpful tips on moving and storing old furniture.

1. Rent a Crane if Your House is Multiple Stories

If you want to get your furniture moved in an efficient manner, renting a crane might be worth considering for a multiple-story house. You will not need a special permit or certification for the crane rental. There also won't be a problem if you don't know how to operate a crane, as the rental might come with a contractor's assistance. Being that you are removing a large quantity of furniture, a crane will allow you to avoid carrying anything down stairs. Furniture items can be sent through windows, if they will fit, and attached to the crane to be lowered to the ground.

2. Get the Furniture Cleaned

If you don't intend on getting rid of the furniture, you might want to get it cleaned if necessary. Leaving dirt on your furniture can lead to it deteriorating during the time that it is stored away. You can then end up not being able to pass the furniture down to anyone and might have to throw it away. Cleaning furniture before it is stored is also ideal because it can prevent the storage space from developing a bad odor. If any of the furniture is constructed out of wood, you can get it sealed before placing it in a storage unit to keep it durable.

3. Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you are placing your furniture in a self-storage unit, make sure it is climate controlled. If you are unable to control the temperature inside of the storage unit, your furniture can end up becoming too hot or cold. The wrong temperature can be detrimental to furniture, especially if there is any wood on it. A climate controlled unit will keep humidity levels under control so your furniture will remain safe no matter how long it is stored away. Rent a storage unit and start moving your furniture as soon as you are ready to tackle the task.