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How To Avoid Becoming The Victim Of Theft On Moving Day

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Moving can be a stressful business—but the stress after the move can be a lot worse if you find out that you were robbed on moving day. Here are the things you need to keep in mind in order to keep your family and your possessions safe during a move.

1.) Board the dog.

If you have a dog, especially a pure-bred, put him or her in a doggy daycare or kennel on moving day. Dog theft is a multi-million dollar problem in the U.S., with stolen canines being resold to research facilities, dog fighting rings, and puppy mills. It's estimated that 5400 dogs are stolen every day, and purebred canines are particularly vulnerable because they can fetch a high price to buyers. With all of the people in and out of a house on moving day, an opportunistic thief could make off with your pet very quickly.

2.) Stay off social media.

Moves can also be exciting—which makes it tempting to tweet or post about them as they unfold. However, unless you know exactly who is on your friend list or can see your posts, you don't want to trust to the anonymity of the internet. Turn off geolocation settings on your electronic devices and don't post exact times or addresses to anyone but your immediate family and trusted friends. Posting something as simple as "going on a run for more boxes" could end up alerting a thief that you aren't home and that your belongings are there for the taking.

3.) Never leave your possessions untended. 

If you're moving into a place that has a lot of steps or you're carrying something bulky through a tight doorway, it can be tempting to leave your moving truck open and unlatched. That could also tempt someone walking by to grab a random box or two and gamble that they'll find something worth selling. If you want to leave the truck open as you go back and forth, enlist the aid of a friend who isn't able to lift very much to serve as an attendant.

4.) Keep important items extra secure.

There are some items that attract more attention than others—so those are the items that you want to secure the most. Personal documents that could be used for identity theft, like your birth certificate, Social Security card, bills, and other information should all be packed into your car's trunk and locked away. In addition, put medication in an unmarked suitcase and lock it away as well. Painkillers, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety drugs, and sedatives can all be sold on the street very easily. Put a password protection code on all your personal electronics and put them in a designated spot until you're ready to leave (since they can be too sensitive to leave sitting in a hot or cold car).

5.) Consider hiring a moving service.

Probably the best way to avoid theft during a move is to hire a moving service to handle it. A full-service moving company will even come to your house and pack up everything for you—which can relieve you of the responsibility of caring for the majority of your items. In addition, most moving companies offer insurance that will protect you in case something is stolen.

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