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Three Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained During A Move With Moving Supplies

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Moving can feel very overwhelming because there are so many things that have to be taken care of. Moving with children can be even more difficult because you need to be able to keep the children entertained while you do everything you need to do. If you have recently moved and are trying to unpack all of your belongings as quickly as possible, use the guide below to learn a few tricks for keeping your children entertained with common moving supplies.

Allow Your Children to Build a Cardboard Box Fort

As you unpack the boxes, give them to your children. Allow your children to tape closed the open ends of the box and then stack them any way they like to create a fort to play in. If your children are old enough to be able to handle scissors on their own, they could even cut windows in the boxes to make their fort more realistic. Allow children to use the markers you used to label the boxes to draw images on the sides of the boxes as well so that they can be as creative as possible with their fun creations.

Allow Your Children to Play with Bubble Cushion Sheets

Bubble cushion sheets can be fun to squish because they make a unique popping noise when they burst. The sheets can also be used as a fun painting tool. Allow your children to paint on the sheets and then press the painted side against a piece of paper. It will create a unique, textured look on the paper. You can easily wipe the sheets clean with a wet cloth so your child can use the sheets again and again.

Allow Your Children to Play Indoor Hockey with the Boxes

Finally, create an indoor hockey game your kids are sure to love. Lay one box on one side of the room and another box on the opposite side of the room with the open ends of the box facing one another. Give your children a dry sponge, your broom, and your mop. Allow them to hit the sponge with the end of the mop and broom to try to make a goal in their box. Your other child should try to block them so that they do not make a goal.

All of these fun and creative uses for moving supplies are easy to do and will not cost you much, since you already have most of the supplies on hand from the move. Once you are done unpacking all of the boxes, you can take the moving supplies that your children have been playing with to the recycling center to recycle them.