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Prepare, Pack And Store Your Masters Of The Universe Collection To Protect Them

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Masters of the Universe – most little kids growing up in the 80s had them and many people today are collecting them. These figures can be hard to find and are very sought after. If you have your He-man and the Masters of the Universe figures and playsets, it's time to get them out and make sure that you have them packed up well so that they are preserved for future sale. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you pack and store the playsets and figures to ensure they remain in good condition for as long as you would like to store them.

Prepare for Storage

Do you remember what weapons go with each character? If not, Ebay will quickly become a friend of yours. You can look up each complete character and find exactly what you need to include.

Now, get everything all cleaned up. You don't want to leave a lot of dust and dirt on the figures and sets while they are being stored. This will cause discoloration and decrease the value greatly. Be careful when cleaning around the stickers – use a slightly dampened cloth so you don't get them too wet.

Remove all of the batteries in the sets. Those nasty 9-volt batteries can make quite a mess in toys if they are left inside.

Pack for Storage

Now, each figure needs to be wrapped in foam packing wrap or a few sheets of tissue paper to keep them from rubbing up against each other and causing damage to the paint. Wrap the weapons separately and tape that second package to the wrapped figure.

The playsets can take a mighty large box to completely enclose, but take the time to find a box to fit them. This will help to protect the set from dust, dirt, insects and rodents.

Store the Collection

To ensure that the plastic doesn't become frail and the metal elements don't corrode, you must make sure that the collection is stored in a climate-controlled setting. If you don't have a place in your home that maintains a regulated temperature and low humidity levels, think about leasing a storage unit to keep the collection in. This is the only way to ensure that things remain in the same condition for the next several years without getting destroyed while sitting.

Take your time to prepare, pack and store your Masters of the Universe collection properly. Whether your intent is to sell them when their values are even greater or to hold onto them to share with kids of your own, these steps will help to ensure that they are in perfectly playable condition when you are ready for them. Contact a storage facility, like Stor-King, fore more help.