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Tips For Moving Your Small Computer Business

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If you own a small computer business and are planning a move to another building, below are some tips to get your equipment there safely. Packing your computers in the right way will save time when you get to the new location and start unpacking.

Read the Manufacturer's' Guide

Before you start packing, refer to the manufacturer's guide to see if there are any special moving instructions. If you do not have this user guide, you can visit the manufacture's website to try to find it.

Remove Media and Ink Cartridges

If you have equipment that has ink or toner cartridges, you should remove them. Store the cartridges in resealable bags, and place each bag in the same box with the equipment it came from.

Remove all DVDs, CDs, and other media from computers, and pack them separately in resealable bags to prevent damage.

Use Original Packaging

If you have the packaging the computers came in, you should use them to pack the equipment. If you do not have these, you can purchase specialty boxes for electronic equipment from most moving companies. If not, you may be able to purchase them from the manufacturer. They will provide you with a return kit at little or no cost.

If they will not give you a return kit, or you cannot find specialty boxes, use double-walled boxes that are slightly larger than the equipment you are moving.

Label Wires and Plugs

Before you start disconnecting plugs and wires, put a colored label around them and mark on them what they went to. For example, if it is a mouse cable, wrap a label around the wire and write the word Mouse on it.

When you disconnect a plug or wire, cover the connection port with the same colored label. For example, if you put an orange label on the mouse wire, put an orange label on the connection port it came from. Do this for each cable or wire you remove.

When you have everything disconnected and marked, wrap the wires and secure them with zip ties so they do not get tangled. Place them in a resealable bag, and tape to the piece of equipment they were removed from.

This is helpful when you start reassembling the equipment when they arrive at the new location.

Use Bubble Wrap and Popcorn

Put a thick layer of bubble wrap or popcorn to line the bottom of each box, and then place the computers in them. Fill any empty spaces with packing materials, such as popcorn.

Popcorn and/or bubble wrap must be antistatic. You do not want anything that conducts electricity, as this could damage the electronics.

Use packing tape to seal each box, and put an arrow on each one indicating which end is up, and put the word Fragile on the boxes. Talk to your moving company, such as Walsh Moving & Storage, for more information.