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Use A Storage Unit As A Practice Space For Your Band

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Finding the perfect practice space for your band can be tough. If you do not have a garage or basement to play in, where else can you really go? If you live in an apartment, your neighbors and your roommates will probably not appreciate the noise. Unless you live in a house by yourself in the woods, it can be hard to find a place to practice space where others will not be affected. If your band is serious about practicing, and has a little bit of cash to spare, your band should rent out a large climate controlled storage unit, like those at South Lake Storage Plus, for a practice space.

Storage Units Offer Month-To-Month Contract Options

When you sign up for your storage unit, you may be able to get one month free. This can be great if money is a little tight for your band. Many storage units offer "one month free" deals to attract new customers.

Plus, you can choose to renew your contract on a month-to-month basis. So if things change with your band, you can change your rental agreement. As you practice more together, you will be able to get more gigs and hopefully, make some money off of your music. With all that space to practice, your unit will play for itself. 

Storage Units Have Great Acoustics

If you are looking for a room with great acoustics, you really do not need to look any further than a storage room. The shape of the room is great for becoming immersed in your music. It is set up very similarly to a practice room at a university.

Storage Units Have Electrical Hookups For Your Equipment

Storage units often have electrical hookups in them, so you can plug in your amplifiers, microphones, electric guitars and other equipment. However, not all units have electrical hookups, so it is important that  you ask your local storage company if they have any climate controlled units available with electrical hookups that you can rent. You would not want to rent a unit, only to find out that it will not work as a practice space for your band because you forget to ask about electrical hookups!

Storage Units Offer....Storage!

Probably the most obvious advantage to practicing inside of your own storage unit is that your band members no longer have to carry equipment back and forth between different practice spaces. Carrying your equipment around with you all the time can be a real hassle. You will have more than enough room to keep all of your amps, gears, guitars and drum sets in one place when you rent a storage unit. When your band wants to practice, all that have to bring along is themselves!

Plus, if your band is getting ready for a gig, any promotional items for your gig can be stored in your unit as well. You will not have to keep those boxes in your house and in your way anymore. 

Storage Units Are Climate Controlled

Garages and basements can be really cold places to practice in. You have to bring your winter coat along with your instruments. You can shed the coat and get right down to rocking when you practice in a storage unit. If you rent a climate controlled unit, you can adjust the temperature just like in a home with the thermostat. Then you will never have to deal with a cold practice space again.

Storage Units Don't Have Annoying Neighbors

The best part about practicing in a storage unit is that you will not have any annoying neighbors. You will no longer have to worry about your neighbors calling the police with a noise complaint. You will not have to base your practice schedule around your roommates or your neighbors schedule and needs. Your band can get together and practice whenever, for however long you want to.

If your band is serious and wants to take it to the next level, but does not have anywhere to practice all the time, your band should rent a storage unit. Storage units have great acoustics, electrical hook-ups and offer you a warm place to practice without having to worry about your neighbors or your roommates. Call up your local storage company today and inquire about renting out a climate controlled storage unit for band practice.